A trail of footsteps through the southern lands of the Indian sub-continent has led you here, to a confluence of traditions that make up a cuisine that is as much the product of the nomads that nurtured it, as it is the influences that they picked up along the way. Now – presented to you with creative flair and the benefit of modern techniques – be prepared to continue on a tantalising journey that honours our nomadic ancestors yet forges a new path forward.


Our Team

Abbi Kanthasamy

Cinnamon Group CEO & Founder

We are always working to revolutionize and strengthen the gastronomic community across Malaysia. Nadodi was introduced to pay homage to the nomadic ancestors of Southern India and Northern Sri Lanka and the migratory nature of their food, which was influenced by a myriad of cultural experiences through their travels.The aim is to revolutionize the way people perceive South Indian and Northern Sri Lankan cuisine and shining a keen focus on the rich culinary heritage of the region.

Kartik Kumar

Brand Director

Kartik has a strong foundation and is a notable individual within Malaysia’s F&B industry. . He was operations manager for Gaggan in Bangkok, food and beverage manager at Charcoal Tandoor Grill & Mixology at Fraser Suites in Bangkok, and beverage and restaurant manager at ITC Gardenia Bangalore, among others. Kartik oversees branding and strategy at Nadodi and ensure that the restaurant delivers the best dining experience.

Akshar Chalwadi

Head of Beverage Programme

Akshar Chalwadi, is an award-winning mixologist  and since Nadodi’s inception, Akshar has been making waves in Malaysia’s cocktail scene by creating drinks that showcase a range of culinary techniques complemented with spices and flavours unique to South India.

Culinary Brigade

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Left to right middle row : Allen Chew, Jr Abe Bryan R Bokulu Gunal, Naveen Kumar, Pradeek Kumar, Risha Gopi, Sugeen Poovandran, Wong Wing Lin, Harris Rasdee
Front : Ramesh Thangaraj.