A trail of footsteps through the southern lands of the Indian sub-continent has led you here, to a confluence of traditions that make up a cuisine that is as much the product of the nomads that nurtured it, as it is the influences that they picked up along the way. Now – presented to you with creative flair and the benefit of modern techniques – be prepared to continue on a tantalising journey that honours our nomadic ancestors yet forges a new path forward.


Our Team

Culinary Brigade

Back row Left to right:
Jr Brian, Pradeep Kumar, Sugeen, Naven, Yavhin, Jay Lee, Divhyan

Front left to right:
Risahalini, Wing Lin

Chef Yavhin Siri

Chef Yavhin Siri

The kitchen operations are currently steered by Chef Yavhin Siri who has been associated with the Cinnamon Group and the dining venue for the past 4 years. Yavhin possess both skill, and immense talent for developing layered flavour profiles, using modern innovative techniques to showcase the food and a creative approach to platting.

Chef Pradeek (2)

Chef Pradeep

Born in Colombo, Chef Pradeep specialises in Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine and has been with Nadodi since its inception.  His contribution to the culinary team is key, with his extensive expertise and personal knowledge for the cuisine. Chef Pradeek plays an integral role in the special, fresh spice blends that holds the key to the flavours that one experiences while dining at Nadodi.

Chef Sugeen

Chef Sugeen

Hailing from Penang Chef Sugeen specialises in the authentic tastes of South Indian cuisine. An essential part of the culinary pillars at Nadodi, his key responsibilities with the dining venue lies in perfecting textures of the ingredients that go in to creating each dish, along with conceptualising and curating all the Amuse-Bouche that is offered on each menu and the signature Rasam that Nadodi is famously known for.